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12 February 1953
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This journal is an effort to keep reasonably current in the filk community, futile an effort as that may be. Later, I'll make it fancy with suitable HTML renderings, but for now, text is as text does.

I've been playing music since I was five. Started on the accordion, which turns out to be a great way to learn guitar but really sucks when you try and pick up on the piano. Great right hand but your left is a paper weight.

Over twenty years ago (ye gods--twenty?), before Archon 11 (my sixth Archon by that time -- first attended #5, skipped #6, and have been going ever since, with the exception of Archon 30, where I had things to do involving my children), I discovered filking. For a couple years after that, I hung around at the periphery, enjoying the gift of being able to follow along with many of the filkers while not actually knowing any filk per se.

By Archon 11, I had become sufficiently enamored of the genre to have written my first filk song, which is now entitled "The Farmer". For a long while, I would introduce it as "a medley of my hit". But over the years, I've managed to write more (songs, not hits), to the point that now I have three CDs. If anyone is interested, they are Weekend Filker, a CD of originals, Delusions of Adequacy, a CD of parodies, and It's Not My Fault, a CD of my Interfilk Guest concert at Consonance 2015.

I was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2017, I was the Interfilk Guest at Consonance 2015, and I won a Pegasus for Best Classic Filk Song in 2014 for 'Grandfather '.

I've been the Filk GoH at Duckon 20 in Chicago, NameThatCon - Conzilla, in St Louis, and at M.O.O.N. Con, in Richland Center, Wisconsin. I was also a regular 'guest' at ShowMeCon in St Louis while it was active, I've more or less anchored the filking at Archon for the last decade or so.

11/25/17 Update complete. Until next time...